Single-layer bib, with elastic band at the neck


No need to fasten it


Product Description

Bib for people with moderate dependence, serves to protect clothing from food or drink stains.

• It has an elastic rubber band in the neck, so that it is placed very easily and quickly since it is not necessary to fasten it, with the advantage that it does not fall and remains in its place without problems.

• Single-layer fabric, cotton-polyester blend, very resistant to continuous washing and industrial laundries.

• The long duration of the garment is guaranteed.

• Please consult colours and patterns, as there may be other models besides those shown in the photos.

• One size fits all. Measurements: 65 cm. long x 45 cm. width.

• Possibility of manufacturing other sizes depending on client’s needs.

Additional information


White, Blue, Beige




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