Anti-drool dressing bib


Prevents dribble from penetrating clothes.


Product Description

Anti-drool bib, double layer and waterproofed, designed to prevent the continuous drooling of the user to transfer to the clothes. It is worn over the outer clothing, so that its design uses attractive fabrics and colors appropriate to the age of the person.

• Fastens with a Velcro snap.

• Two-layer fabric, the upper one is a very absorbent fabric and the lower one is waterproof fabric. It is very resistant to continuous washing and industrial laundries.

• The long duration of the garment is guaranteed.

• Please consult colours and patterns, as there may be other models besides those shown in the photos.

• One size fits all. Measurements: 65 cm. long x 45 cm. width.

• Possibility of manufacturing other sizes depending on client’s needs.

Additional information


Blue print, Animal print




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