MaxVida is a pioneering project, in Spain and in the UK, in the design, production and distribution of adaptive clothing.

About us

MaxVida is a pioneer, since 2004, in the Spanish market for the design, production and distribution of adaptive, yet fashionable clothing and other products specifically designed for people with special needs. MaxVida is also present in the United Kingdom since 2015.

MaxVida’s adaptive clothing not only helps users to be more independent and to carry out their everyday activities more easily, but also makes every carer’s work much easier.

MaxVida’s attractive designs are specifically for people, who have enormous difficulties when dressing and undressing, as well as carrying out their daily routines. We can help with a range of different disabilities, from patients with diverse degrees of dependence to patients with degenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arthrosis, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as other late-onset neuro-degenerative illnesses.

MaxVida designes and manufactures, in Spain and the UK, a practical yet appealing range of adaptive clothing products. The high standards of quality, functionality, comfort and style – all at reasonable prices – are supported by an excellent customer service. Consumers always have a choice. They can purchase garments straight from the ready-to-wear line or they can opt to customize them according to their individual measurements, tastes or specific requirements.

Purchases can be made through the online shop, by catalog or directly by telephone.

MaxVida continuously strives to offer innovative solutions to people of all ages with special needs, always aiming to improve the quality of their lives and to obtain their total satisfaction in a respectful and creative way.



  • Participation in events: MaxVida is available to Organizations and Institutions to present their project and share experience, participate in Congresses and Fairs, as well as organize events in support of the Elderly and Disability.
  • Bulk orders: We are happy to discuss bulk buys, special discounts and offers for organizations dedicated to the disabled, charities, nursing homes, welfare centres, rehabilitation centres, day care centres, etc.
  • Shop on wheels: With reasonable notice, we are happy to travel to nursing homes, care centres and disability organisations. We can then demonstrate our adapted clothing products to nursing home residents, their families and staff. They can buy products on site, or place orders straight away.
  • Sample deliveries: We can send samples of fabrics from our adapted garments, as well as samples of adapted garments, to anyone who requests them, free of charge, upon payment of the amount.
  • Product demonstration: Our MaxVida representatives are happy to travel to and have meetings with the staff in charge/professional care workers in nursing homes, care centres, disabled organisations, and other potential consumers and their families. We are always proud to show off our adaptive clothing products and to explain their benefits.
  • Alteration and mending of garments: In our dressmaking workshop (on site), we can alter or mend any garment that our consumers request.
  • Queries: We love to hear from our customers. And we love to listen. Visitors to maxvida.comare welcome to send in their suggestions, tell us about personal needs or problems, ask questions, take part in the MaxVida blogs, request prices. We are always delighted to provide samples and to demonstrate our adaptive products. In short, MaxVida is always at your service!

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